Word Alchemy Master Wizard
Word Alchemy Easy Grid on Game Screen


Search words in the grid to solve word brain puzzles!

Word Alchemy Puzzle solved screen


Master your words to level up in this word game challenge!

Word Alchemy Level List screen


Unlock surprises as you progress!


You need to find the hidden words in the grid. Swipe across letters to make words. There might be many valid words but challenge is to find the right ones.

Length of the word is shown below the grid. When you are stuck take hints. Tapping hint would reveal a letter of the word you need to find.
Remember, using hints costs you coins.

As you progress, the difficulty increases and the game becomes more brain-teasing and interesting. During this quest of finding words you would be discovering elements, challenge is to discover all the elements till Universe.
We have made sure that all puzzles have a solution by using algorithms to solve them programmatically.

You need to find words in the same order as they appear under the grid.
The choice of letters matters as well. If a letter appears multiple times in a grid make sure you pick the right one else you might reach a dead-end.

Put on your thinking caps and give it another shot!
Drop us a mail from "Write to us" option that is available in the side menu of the game. Also attach the purchase receipt. We would make sure that Gold Coins you purchased are added to your account within 24 hrs.
To sync your stats you would need to connect Word Alchemy with Facebook. Once you connect to Facebook your stats from one device would be reflected on all your devices.

Follow these simple steps:
1. Pick the device which has your best stats.
2. Click the "Facebook Login" button from side menu and all your stats would be linked to your Facebook account.
3. Pick your other device(s) and do the Step 2 again.

Do make sure you Login to Facebook first using the device with your best stats.
We do take utmost care to make sure that ads do not spoil the player's experience. If you still find too many ads you can Remove Ads by clicking on "Remove Ads" option in the Side Menu of the game.
We understand that all of us needs free coins and thus we have designed the game in a way that there are numerous ways to earn free coins.
1. Daily Bonus
Get free coins daily. Make sure you don't break your daily streak and the bonus grows.

2. Level Up
You get free coins on completion of every level. Tip: Double your Level Up bonus by spreading a good word about the game!

3. Watch A Video
You can watch a video and get free coins. Make sure you watch it till the end.

4. Request from your friends
You can ask your friends to help you out. Request them for coins and help them when they are in need.

5. Invite your friends
Whenever a friend you invited joins the game, you get a Referral Bonus. Believe us, its huge!
If you have logged in using Facebook, its quite simple. Just login to Facebook again and all your progress would be reflected.

In case you have not done Facebook Login, all your progress is linked to your Device Id which is unique for every device. This device Id would change on reinstalling the app, on clearing app data and on factory reset. Thus under these scenarios your progress would be lost. We strongly suggest you to connect the game with Facebook to save all your progress.